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In 2009 I started this outfit as Latin Threads Trading Co. I did a lot of blogging in the early years, documenting this wild ride and exploring my deepening insights into the cultures of Oaxaca and Chiapas and what it's like working here. There have been incredible highs. And quite a few tears. In recent years the business side of this enterprise has been so all-consuming that the blogging has radically diminished. I hope to resume telling stories soon. Many of those early experiences yielded some mighty good tales, if I do say so myself. I hope you'll take a little time to explore the original blogs. They're diverse and it will take some poking around to find what might interest you.  With that in mind, I'll soon begin resurrecting some of the...

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Out of the Box

(This blog was originally published in December 2014 on my Latin Threads Trading Co. blog. To enjoy dozens of stories of glee and woe dating back to our founding in 2009, click here.) Friends often remind me that I need to pause to look back at how far we’ve come at Abrazo Style. I’m not very good at looking back, but when I do take a moment I see a business with a growing number of passionate people who together are creating an exceptional collection of high quality, socially responsible, handcrafted apparel and accessories, despite the odds. Our successes (and failures) over the past year resonate with the recurring theme of problem solving in virtually every aspect of what we do. Thinking...

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