How to Care for your Abrazo Garment

Whether you own an Abrazo hand-embroidered blouse or dress, or other delicate handmade apparel, our experts in Oaxaca have a few tips to help them last a lifetime.
1. Though we carefully hand wash all of our garments before exporting to the US, our clothing is designed to last for years with machine washing.  Make sure the embroidery is facing out (not inside out) when you wash on gentle cycle in cold water to help keep the embroidery knots tight.
2. Use a mild detergent that does not bleach.  Our thread and fabric are color fast but with strong detergents the color can become dull or fade.
3. Hang to dry after washing.  (Do not use the dryer... It can shrink and cause damage to the embroidery.)
4. Depending upon the fabric, if ironing is required, start with the garment inside out to avoid catching and snagging the embroidery, then turn right side out to touch up the details.
5. We use only natural fiber fabrics.  Some of our fabrics have a stone washed finish which is normal.